11 Writer Room Ideas That Will Make Even Non-Writers Happy

Writer’s block, step aside. The right space can spark inspiration in the most desolate of times. Here are 11 writing room ideas (including a couple of spaces from authors you might recognize) that will give you color and design tips even if you’re not a writer.

EB White's writing studio
Photo: The Write Life

Here’s where E.B. White spun Charlotte’s Web (and a few other tales). The takeaway? Sometimes you need to strip your walls of color and decor, and just have a comfortable desk and a view of the outdoors.

Home office with brown walls and a built-in desk
Photo: operalastnight

Speaking of comfortable desks, a built-in one can be custom fit, making it a place you never want to leave. But if you do decide to take a break, having a squishy nap couch is an excellent office addition. Encourage deep thinking (and napping) by painting your walls a robust hue, like Derby Brown.

Parisian home office with white walls and library bookshelves
Photo: My Domaine

When a writer’s space combines office and library, you can work smarter, not harder. Continue blending practicality with beauty by choosing functional classical furnishings. Painting the space white maximizes architectural details. “Mais oui,” if you can do this with a purely Parisian backdrop.

Minimalist home office with white walls and a simple desk
Photo: Design Scene

Your space should reflect your style, even if you start with bare-bones white walls, windows, and furniture. Add a cozy Flokati to warm up your chair and bring in striking, inspiring photos — but keep your space uncluttered. Studies show that most of us think better in uncluttered spaces.

Nigella Lawson's book-lined home office
Photo: Buzzfeed

Though there is always an exception to the rule. Nigella Lawson does her best work surrounded by thousands of deliciously inviting books. If this feeds your soul, follow Nigella’s example: Organize your books into floor-to-ceiling shelves, pile them so you can find them, and add a carpet that’s comfortable enough to sit on, in case you’re inspired to stop and read while searching for a book.

Well-organized home office with built-in shelves and dark blue desk
Photo: Sofia Sakare

Ah, serenity. A place for everything, and everything in its place. White walls maximize the muted light. Built-in doors and drawers give unsightlier items a place to hide, and open shelving provides organization for magazines and books. Make your writer’s room personal by pinning inspiring photos on the wall behind your computer.

Collegiate study room with gray and white walls
Photo: vtwonen

While this room feels collegiate with its modern chairs, bare-wood desk and bright posters, writers of any age can pull inspiration from it. What makes it work? This room is uniquely personal. Putting love over the rules of style is the very definition of eclectic design.

Home office nook in front of a window
Photo: The Proletariat Designer

You can gain endless inspiration from the outside world. But don’t forget to make the inside just as inspirational. Mark time with a fun clock, add an anglepoise lamp, and keep the air clean with a houseplant in a beautiful pot.

Writer's room with blue walls in a rustic home
Photo: The Proletariat Designer

One of the most beautiful things about going to the beach is that the blue-green water surrounds you. Recreate that feeling of natural relaxation at home — a feeling that’s often conducive to good writing — by painting walls and furniture ocean colors (try Graceful).

Sophisticated home office with greige walls and built-in shelves
Photo: Back on Festive Road

This grown-up, feminine room blends rich hues, beautiful patterns, and pretty accessories. Painting the walls greige (like Gray Shadows) creates a soothing feeling that aids concentration — great whether you’re doing the family books or writing the Great American Novel.

Writer's studio with white walls and yellow trim
Photo: This Old House Online

This writer built an Arts and Crafts-style studio behind her house where she could focus undisturbed on her work. The creamy walls and yellow window trim (try Silk Star) enhance concentration and creativity, making them perfect for a writer’s room.

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